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ReBuy Tournaments

Rebuy tournaments

Re-Buy tournaments are a lot of fun.

The first hour is shear chaos but relatively stress free as you canít get knocked out. The key is picking spots to amass as many chips as possible. But remember, you donít want to buy in a zillion times, otherwise, you have to go far just to break even. So here is a brief poker article on re-buy tournament strategy.

The very first thing to do when you are playing a rebuy event is to assess your table. You need to know what type of players youíre facing and what style theyíre going to play.

If you find yourself at a table where people are rebuying a lot, you have to be willing to put your chips into the middle of the pot and take some chances. In the early stages of the rebuy tournament, I wonít pass up any coin flip situations. Any time I think I have even a 40% chance of winning the pot, Iíll get all my chips in.

Other times, youíll be at a table where people are very cautious of rebuying and are trying to make the most of their one buy-in.

In this case, you have to chip away at them and apply some pressure because they will be playing tighter. When youíve identified the guys who have no intention of rebuying, you have to attack them every time they enter a pot. Don't fret if these tight players double or triple up early. Since you have so many bullets, you can keep attacking. By keeping the pressure on them you can build up a lot of chips.

Early on, Iíll raise a lot of pots with all sorts of hands including draws, in order to get a very aggressive table image.

My goal is to build up a stack of two to three times the starting stack. Once I have accomplished this, I buckle down and play solid online poker. After the rebuy period is over, always take the add-on. No matter how many chips you have, you should take advantage of every opportunity to get the maximum allowed on the table.

Not doing so is just plain silly. Give yourself the best opportunity to have as many chips as possible. Even if you have the chip lead, do this. After you take the inevitable bad beat, youíll wish you did.

When the rebuy stage is over, itís time to spot the folks at the table who are not able to transition back to playing a normal tournament.

You will always see people who are still in the rebuy mindset and are gambling for a lot of their chips. They are easy to spot because they are still calling a high percentage of their hands. It is important to value bet these players every chance you get, because they will pay you off most of the time. They will get their money in with the second best hand. Itís vital to switch back immediately to your standard game and value every chip once youíre back from break.

Follow these general guidelines and youíll be ready to crush your opponents. Be smart, pick your spots and take them down.