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The advantages to playing Poker Online

The days of playing poker with your friends in a smoke filled room playing with plastic chips are long gone. The increasing popularity of the Poker world and the improvements in technology has taken poker playing to an entirely new level. While nothing can replace the fun of playing with friends on a Saturday night the online Poker industry gives you a new way to play the game. In this article I will review some of the advantages to playing Poker online.

There is always a game: The days of calling all the guys together for a game and waiting for poker night to roll around are over. Now anytime you want to sit in on a game of Poker there is a game going on. Most poker rooms will have games 24 hours seven days a week and with plenty of people ready to play against.

The best Poker faces in the world: If you are one of those players that have lost a pot or two by giving away your hand with a tell or a bad poker face, then online poker is for you. Most poker rooms will allow you or assign you a character but with the exception of online chat you can rarely give away your hand. The poker player will have to rely on betting patterns and history of play to try to smell out a bluff.

Limits are endless: When sitting around with your friends on a Saturday night you will either be playing with a fist full of nickels or a big roll of cash. With online poker you are the one in charge of how much you play and no one will mock you for wanting to play small limits since everyone at that table will be in the same position. If you feel like stepping out and going for the big score most poker rooms will have higher stakes tables to give you the shot at the big time you need.

Great learning environment: Your friends are not always quick in teaching you ways to play better poker because after all they want to keep you at a lower level than they are so they can take your money. Well not in the online world. Most Poker rooms will offer an education section that will give you all the tools you need in becoming a professional on the Poker Circuit.

Prizes and Rewards are endless: It is a great feeling when you defeat all of your friends at the weekly tournament and have bragging rights for that entire weekend, but when was the last time you won a car for winning in a game against your pals? Some of the sites out there offer elaborate prizes and almost all of them offer a seat to the World Series of poker.

Playing poker with the guys is a great tradition that should always be kept in tact but if you love to play poker and you donít have an online poker house you are missing out on some of the best perks when playing poker. In the next article I will show you how to pick a great online poker room to maximize your poker playing experience.