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Liv Boeree

Olivia Liv Boeree

Who is Olivia Boeree?

For those who follow poker regularly, the name Olivia Boeree may sound vaguely familiar.

Maybe you have seen her play poker or maybe you have heard her cover a poker game on TV. Although she may just look like a pretty face, there is much more behind her that makes her both interesting and inspiring.

Olivia 'Liv' Boeree is an English poker player, model, and TV presenter. She was born in Kent in 1984 where she studied astrophysics at the University of Manchester before eventually relocating to London.

Olivia Boeree then became one of the contestants of a TV program titled " Showdown," which first introduced her to poker. During the show, she met and was coached by Phil Hellmuth.

Shortly after, Boeree began seriously training in poker and followed the game very closely. In 2006, she became the presenter and journalist for Gun TV at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

After that, she became the host on Challenge TV's live coverage of the European Poker Tour. Boeree continued following poker as she appeared as a reporter on She now regularly writes for "Bluff Magazine Europe" and has graced the covers of "Gambling Online", "World Poker Tour" and "Online Gambler" magazines among others.

Boeree began playing poker as well, placing 7th in the Welsh Amateur Poker Championships. She also placed 1st at Caesar's Palace during the 2007 Five Diamond Classic, winning $19,000. Once she realized how good her results were, Liv Boeree turned pro and she has continually won and placed in poker tournaments.

Here are some of the other tournaments and placements she has received:

  • 49th place at Pot Limit Holdem, winning $4,074 (2008 WSOP Event 38),
  • 49th place at Aruba Classic, winning $5,500,
  • 7th place in $1,500 NLH Bounty Event, winning $18,900 AUD,
  • 37th place in a satellite to the WPT Main event, winning $25,000,
  • 37th at the WPT Main event, winning $41,000,
  • Winner of the Eurpeaon Poker Tour, winning 1,250,000 and becoming the third woman to ever win an EPT title.

Liv Boeree is now a member of team Pokerstars. As of 2010, her total winnings are estimated to be over $2,050,000.

Her look tells a lot, Olivia Boeree is more than what meets the eye. She is a very strong poker player as well as a skilled writer and reporter. Her skills grow each year along with her winnings, making her a formidable opponent for anyone who plays poker professionally.

Until next time, may the chips fall your way.