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Doyle's Room
Website: DoylesRoom.Com Bonus Code: click here
Date Established : 2004 Stakes Low/Hi: $.01-.02/$500-1000
Registered Users: over 3,000k Tournaments: $1+0 - $200+16
Avg. Online: 15,000 Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Games Offered:  
Texas Hold'em WPT and WSOP Satellites
Omaha Hi Pot / Limit / No Limt Razz
Rush Poker  
Doyle's Room Review
  Doyle's Room tableDoyle's Room - Doyle's Room is the online poker room created by none other than the Legend of Poker himself, in other words Doyle Brunson.

Reputation: The absolute number one poker room in the business with the best reputation is Doyle’s This has come to the realization of other poker rooms in the game today and they are okay with that revelation because they know they can’t compare to the man that runs the show at Doyle’s and that is Doyle Brunson, the undisputed king of cards.
Doyle Brunson is a legend in the poker world and every expert admires him and every novice is in awe of him. When he comes in to a room he is greeted with standing ovations and when he leaves the room he gets the same! The crowd at the World Series of Poker even gives him a standing ovation when he loses!
His number of World Series of Poker bracelets and his manner of how he conducts himself at the table has been respected and sometimes feared for years. It is this type of legend that ensures that if he is allowing his name to be a part of a website, then it has a strong reputation and in fact the strongest in the industry!

Customer Service: Doyle Brunson is reflected in the way they run the customer service department at Doyle’s He expects to be treated like a king when he is playing poker, like he can call all the shots and is treated with respect and courteous attention is always shown to the poker players of the world. He instituted the same reaction to the customer service department at Doyle’s In publications around the world they have been rated very highly when it comes to customer service. Bluff magazine graded them with a very firm number #2 when it comes to top notch customer service. When selecting a poker room customer service is paramount and not a worry at Doyle’s

Education: Ask any poker player that has ever known Doyle Brunson and they will tell you that he is an ambassador of the game and that he is an educator. At Doyle’s they have a section that is just for learning the game. They have a how to section for beginners that will focus on how to play the game, but they go the extra mile and provide education for the experienced player. They provide articles and videos that explain things like reading the chips, and how to spot a tell at the table and use it against your opposition. This is priceless information and all for free at Doyle’s

Beat The Best: Doyle’s is the only place where you will see Doyle Brunson play online. Not only does he play online but everyone gets a shot to play against him at a regular table or tournament or even head to head! The first time you play against him if you lose he even returns all of your money! The site is a class act just like the person that it is named after!

Bottom Line: If you play poker online and you do not have an account at Doyle’s room then you need to open one now. That is the bottom line.


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